Integrated Community Transformation is an approach that compels us to see each person in a community through the eyes of Jesus. In that light, it’s impossible to separate the physical and spiritual needs of a person. The good news is that Jesus cares about us as full human beings. The scriptures contain significant examples of Jesus ministering to the whole needs of people, and with Jesus we’re invited to continue that work. The needs of our world are too great to ignore. The fact that oppression thrives in our world calls us to action. Things are not alright. Yet, each person—created in the image of God—has inherent value, dignity and infinite worth. There are no marginalized people in God’s kingdom. For that reason, we’re able to work alongside the oppressed in our efforts to see deep and lasting transformation in communities that increasingly seek to sustain the common good. Communities often lack access to key resources, and we bring people together to strategically and developmentally impact communities in ways that strive to honor the people and cultures where we live and work.

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